Miami Geo Quiz #2: Downtown in the Fog

How well do you know the spaces and places constituting greater metropolitan Miami?

For our second Miami Geo Quiz, we’re keeping things (super!) easy —  perhaps too easy — and asking you the following:

Miami Geo Quiz #2: Tell us (1) the name of the public transportation system and (2) specific station from which the photograph below was taken. Also, tell us (3) what direction this photo is facing.

Good luck!

Miami Geo Quiz #2. Source: Matthew Toro. December 26, 2013.

Oh, and if you feel like your geographical consciousness has just been insulted by this second installment of the Miami Geo Quiz, be patient and worry not! Things won’t remain so easy for long . . .


10 responses to “Miami Geo Quiz #2: Downtown in the Fog

  1. You got it, Marta! It’s 11th! Great job.

    We’ll be posting Miami Geo Quiz #3 soon!

  2. So, is it Park West or Eleventh Street?

    Who’s brave enough to give a definitive answer?

    (And thanks a lot for the support, Marta! You’ve done, and are doing, so much for Miami’s geographies! Your support is always most welcome and appreciated!)

  3. Wait! Not Park West….ack! The next one north…11street station? I can’t remember the full name. So ashamed.

  4. Metromover + Omni Park West Station, I think. Love what you’ve done here Matt!

  5. You’re there, MC! And good on you for not cheating! One’s honor is always one’s most valuable asset.

    Who can name that station?

    (Oh, and remember, everybody, that we wont post the next Miami Geo Quiz until the current quiz is correctly solved!)

  6. Metro mover southbound from the station off the 395 on ne 2nd ave and possibly off 10th or 11th. I would google the name but that would be cheating. 🙂

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