Miami Geo Quiz #4: Antique VW in Coral Gables

How well do you know the spaces and places constituting greater metropolitan Miami?

We’re swinging through The City Beautiful to leave you with the last Miami Geo Quiz of the week.

Miami Geo Quiz #4: Name the two cross streets at the intersection just to the west of where this photo was taken.

Miami Geo Quiz #4: Antique MG in Coral Gables. Source: Matthew Toro. April 5, 2014.

Miami Geo Quiz #4: Antique MG in Coral Gables. Source: Matthew Toro. April 5, 2014.

We told you it was going to get a bit more difficult as we progressed through these Miami Geo Quizzes.

Fret not! We’ve left enough of this particular Coral Gables streetscape to guide you on your search!

Good luck!


4 responses to “Miami Geo Quiz #4: Antique VW in Coral Gables

  1. Well, that’s embarrassing! Thanks for letting us know, Dave!

    We’re even going to change the title of the post to correct that sloppy, revealing-of-automobile-ignorance mistake!

    Please don’t ever hesitate to point out errors like that. Much appreciated, sincerely! Thanks for reading!

  2. Very impressive, MC! You were the only one brave enough to take a shot at Miami Geo Quiz #5 — and you’re response is spot on!

    That antique MG automobile was parked just east of Salzedo Street along the north side of Adalusia Avenue. It was parked just across the Gables 76 gas station (the key there was the shape of the structure and the signature Gables 76 C-Store service garage), as well as the photography/framing shop right across from the car, Munor Studio.

    You’re right, MC, it’s just a block-and-a-half north of the post office, just half-a-block east of the Publix grocery store, and immediately east of the Actor’s Playhouse (Miracle Theater).

    This Miami Geo Quiz was admittedly a bit trickier — one really had to use those streetscape clues. Great job (again), MC! Thanks for playing.

    Be on the look-out for Miami Geo Quiz #5 soon, everybody!

  3. This was a tough one. I looked at the photo a couple of times over the weekend trying to figure it out. The gas station in the background was the best clue. I believe it’s the only one in downtown Coral Gables. This antique beauty was parked on Andalusia Ave and the cross street is Salzedo (by the post office and publix).
    Thanks for reminding me of how well I know my city.

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